Louis-Felix Nothias

Louis-Felix Nothias, PhD

Louis Felix Nothias has a PhD degree in organic and analytical chemistry (2015), applied to the study of antiviral secondary metabolites from Euphorbia plants found in Corsica (France). Co-mentored by the Pr. Jean Costa (University of Corsica), and the Dr. Marc Litaudon (University Paris-Saclay, France), he has been trained in bioassay-guided fractionation, isolation, structural elucidation by NMR, and metabolite profiling by tandem mass spectrometry and molecular networking with GNPS.

He joined the Prof. Pieter Dorrestein lab (UC San Diego) as a post-doctoral researcher in March 2016, where he performs mass spectrometry-based metabolomics, and bioinformatics data analysis. Since its arrival, he contributed to the development of new methods, such as 3D-molecular cartography (collaboration Dorrestein-Alexandrov at EMBL, Heidelberg), or feature-based molecular networking, as well as generated multiple public spectral libraries available on GNPS (NIH natural products, pesticides), and curates the GNPS documentation. Currently, he is participating to a research project on the molecular cartography of skin psoriasis, and studies a plant-fungal symbiosis that improves plant resistance to biotic factors and abiotic factors (MSCA fellow). Louis Felix has a strong interest in application of computational mass spectrometry data (collaboration Dorrestein-Boecker at the University of Jena, Germany, and collaboration with Hosein Mohimani Carnegie Mellon University), especially its integration with molecular networking on GNPS.